Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Craft Room

It's still got a little more work to do with organizing the closet, but it's good so far!

Clear Lake Pictures

Here are a few (ok, several) pictures from our trip up to the lake. They're mostly from our golfing day on Sunday. Next time I must remember to give my camera to others and make them take pictures with me in them!

Our midnight walk down by the lake.

Alison, Linda, Dad, Jonathan, Me, Ryan

Cart Buddies - Ryan & Jonathan. They were nervous about golfing with Dad!

Alison's "golfing dance"

Dad teeing off on the 9th hole. It's one of 2 holes that you can see the lake on.

Alison putting on the most difficult green.

Jonathan teeing off.

Alison & Dad

Alison & Ryan

Jonathan & I

This is one of my favourite pictures of the day.

The sun setting as Linda chips in on the last hole.

Linda, Maggie and Alison chilling at the cabin.

Typical Ryan & Alison

It's August!

Yes, I have been a bad blogger, but I've been busy! Here's a quick update (and then I'll post some "fun stuff")

June was spent relaxing and getting into "summer mode". At the end of the month, Jonathan and I headed out to Calgary to visit my dad. It's a long, boring, boring drive (of at least 7 hours), but road trips are always a great time for us to just talk and relax. We spent 5 days out in Calgary, just hanging out on the deck, doing a little shopping, hitting up IKEA, taking in the new Transformers on the IMAX screen, eating my dad's amaaaaaazing cooking, and enjoying having no where to be! Hanging out with my dad is always a good time. He takes care of everyone, always making sure they've got everything they need, a drink in hand, and good food in their belly. He spoiled us with hand battered pickerel and home made french fries, steak neptune (fillets topped with crab, asparagus and hollendaise sauce) & baked potatoes, and more delicious barbequed yumminess. I really just want to spend like an entire week with my dad and just learn all of his cooking secrets! The only sad thing about our trip was that I did not once take out my camera! Ugh! Oh well.

July was just busy! I was getting into planning for gymnastics for both my own club and the provincial team; selecting and cutting music and coming up with creative ideas. We set up the awesome bookshelf we bought at Ikea, and turned out messy spare room into my craft room! It is absolutely the best thing ever and I have all the room I need to store all of my scrapbooking, stamping and PartyLite supplies and have them all right at my fingertips. My goal is to finish my scrapbook from our 2008 Europe trip by the end of August, so I spent many evenings and weekends working on my album. It's not quite half done, so I've still got lots to do! I'll try to take a picture of the room and post it.

Just this last weekend (a long weekend here) we headed out to Clear Lake, Manitoba in Riding Mountain National Park with Jonathan to stay at my dad's girl friend's cabin. We took off Friday after work, and came back last night. My sister and her boyfriend came out on Saturday night, so it was a real family weekend. I used to spend time up at the lake every summer, until my grandparents sold the cabin when I was about 12. Since then, I really haven't gone up there much. But now, my dad is looking to buy a cabin just outside the park (as Linda is looking to sell hers due to issues with her brother-in-law who co-owns the cabin), so I hope that'll mean many more summers spent up there! The town has some cool little shops, THE best cinnamon buns, and the atmosphere at the lake is just so relaxed. We spent the weekend just doing whatever we wanted! Walking around in town, hanging out and having drinks with my dad's friends, barbequing (of course!), and we even went golfing! My dad's an excellant golfer, so it's fun going with him and getting tips. He also took us out to the driving range for a lesson. It was just a great weekend, and I wished I could have stayed out there another whole week! We might head back out there for the September long weekend!

So there's a brief re-cap! I'll post some fun pictures later! At least on this weekend's trip I did have my camera out on Sunday!